artist’s statement

My core themes are time, place and identity. These shine through everything I paint. When I stand back it is as though a doppelganger, either male, or, female has done the work. Often it feels like I’ve been illustrating a story from the imagination of a band of wild children. I imagine them armed with rubber tomahawks and plastic slingshots! My paintings are more child-like now, but, they’re also balanced with years of schooling and practice. I’ve learned so much! I’m honored to share these paintings from 2016-2017



KaBoom! 44 x 32                          SOLD

Hold Still, This Will...                      SOLD

Flintstones Vacation                     350.00

Nemo Runner                              450.00

Fitzu-Fitzume                               450.00

View From My Canoe                  400.00

Whack O’ Boom!                           SOLD

View From My Spaceship...          350.00

View...Rocket-ship                       450.00 Wiz O Whack...Whirly-gig           350.00

Pixel Ship                                    300.00

Eclipse...                                     300.00

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